What is My Pathomation?

Microsopic imaging data can come from many places. It also needs to go to many places. Whether you're an instructor and have whole slide images to share with your students, or are a researcher and want to discuss fluorescent images with collaborators on the other side of the world, My Pathomation can help.



A picture says more than 1000 words. But microscopy pictures are huge and difficult to share. Through the My Pathomation SaaS platform, you can easily create hyperlinks that you can share with colleagues. Once they click on the link, they will see exactly the same region of interest (ROI) that you are looking at, with the added convenience of still being able to explore the remainder of the virtual slide, too. You set the stage, but your contact develops the story.

File formats Supported

TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, Olympus VSI, Olympus WebView, Microsoft Deep Zoom, Hamamatsu VMS, Hamamatsu NDPI, Hamamatsu NDPIS (Image Set), Hamamatsu DICOM, Huron Technologies, 3DHistech MRXS, Aperio / Leica SVS, Aperio / Leica AFI (Image Set), Aperio / Leica CWS, Leica SCN, Leica LIF, Leica DICOM Sup145, Carl Zeiss ZVI, Carl Zeiss CZI, Carl Zeiss Laser Scanning Microscopy, Open Microscopy Environment OME-TIFF, Nikon ND2, Nikon TIFF, Philips TIFF, Sakura SVSlide, Menarini DSight RAW, Motic, Zoomify, SmartZoom, Objective Imaging (Glissando), Perkin Elmer QPTiff, Unic Tech, Jpeg XR, KFBIO, GE Omnyx JP2, Philips iSyntax, GE Omnyx RTS, Inspirata RTS, Ventana BIF


With My Pathomation’s sharing capabilities, you can embed your microscopy observations in external content. This can be your own website (through use of an iframe), or in a Content Management System (like Wordpress), or a Learning Management System (like Moodle). My Pathomation live content can be inserted anywhere within your webpage layout or application.
You can even choose whether you want to embed individual slide, cases, or entire collections.

Browser compatibility

Historically, many viewers have relied on either local software installation procedures, or webbrowser plugins like ActiveX, Java applets, or Flash. The My Pathomation SaaS platform requires none of these and therefore protects users from the security problems that regularly afflict other popular viewers.

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